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Soulé Coffee: Where beverages tickle the palate and ease the soul

Whether you find yourself in Soulé Coffee + Bubbletea by chance, out of curiosity or as a regular, the sighs of satisfaction emanating from you are the results of sipping and savoring worldly fusions.

Owner Ezra Brown, a native of South Carolina, has lived and toured the world as a renowned jazz musician. His travels have taken him to Dakar, Africa, and he lived nearly six years in Asia, residing in places like Japan, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

These places helped Brown discover and develop a love for the creativity and innovation of how teas and coffees were created.

It was the mixing, the fearless fusions; the adding of fruit or making drinks “dirty” by adding little shots of espresso that intrigued Brown.

“It’s was a different kind of vibe in these places,” said Brown. “Watching, learning and partaking … the drinks kind of follow my whole life, and I had an epiphany. Encompass drinks and community, and forward thinking about economic inclusion. So, why not here?”

Brown says plans for expansion into other areas of the city are also taking shape.

“Jackson can be the breeding ground for greatness from an enterprise standpoint,” said Brown. “All the components are here that you can take to the world.”

His coffee shop and tea house has an easy, welcoming feel. From the artwork on the walls to the soothing jazz and wafting aromas that fill the senses.

“It just hits different,” said a customer of the shop’s ambiance.

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