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Special Session called for Madison County economic development project, the largest in state history “by a lot”  

This article first appeared on the Magnolia Tribune.

(Photo from Tate Reeves on X)

State Senator John Horhn calls the project “a potential game changer for the state of Mississippi.” The special session will begin at 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, January 25.

On Wednesday, Governor Tate Reeves announced that he would be calling lawmakers into a second special session Thursday in order to finalize an economic development project in Madison County.

The name of the company involved in the project has not yet been disclosed. However, it will create 1,000 jobs with an average salary of $66,000 or more.

The project will include two locations for hyperscale data centers. The first site is to be located in Canton, between the Nissan Parkway North and the interstate interchange, and the second is just north of I-220 near Tougaloo College. Combined, the facilities will use 1,700 acres of land.

Governor Reeves (R) indicated the company involved is a household name and was in the top 20 wealthiest companies in the world.

“The size of this new capital investment is unlike anything we’ve seen before in Mississippi,” said Governor Reeves. “It’s the single largest capital investment that has ever been made in the state of Mississippi – by a lot. The fact is that records were made to be broken, and that’s exactly what our state continues to do. This is a massive win for Central Mississippi, the Jackson metro area, and all of Mississippi. It’s a great time to be a Mississippian.”

The state’s investment in the project will come to a $44 million appropriation, $32 million of which is intended for job training in a tech-based field. Governor Reeves said none of the state dollars will aid the company in the construction of the facility.

Madison County will also be eligible to borrow up to $215.1 million in a “fee in lieu” agreement, or a loan with the state. Those dollars will go toward sewer system adjustments, water for the facility, and a new fire station to service the area. Entergy will power the facilities.

Governor Reeves emphasized the need for “speed to market” and indicated that the legislation will help expedite some of the lengthy requirements by the Public Service Commission. He indicated he had spoken to all three commissioners, and they had expressed support for the project.

The facilities are expected to be up and running by 2027.  

Speaker of the House Jason White (R) said Wednesday the recent economic development announcements prove the state has real momentum.

“It is truly exciting to be here today and be a part of this, to be standing here for two consecutive weeks to announce historic economic projects coming to the great state of Mississippi. As we move forward together on another economic development success, it proves Mississippi’s momentum is real and thriving,” said Speaker White.

White said lawmakers have worked for many years to ensure the state could attract large company investments to better the economic climate for residents. Lt. Governor Delbert (R) Hosemann echoed his remarks.

“We didn’t get lucky today; we’ve earned this and it’s really just the start,” said Hosemann.

He largely credited the last two economic development projects to changes in MFLEX, the state’s economic incentives program, along with cutting taxes, improved graduation rates, and billions of dollars appropriated into infrastructure needs over the last few years.

Hosemann said this will not be the last of positive steps in economic development for Mississippi.

State Senator John Horhn (D) of Hinds County said he was excited for the project to be located in the metro area.

“I think this project is a potential game changer for the state of Mississippi. It kicks up our economic development efforts into the stratosphere and the benefits that will come from it are immeasurable,” said Senator Horhn.

Freshman lawmaker State Senator Lawrence Blackmon (D), who represents portions of Madison County, also expressed support for the new project.

“We are very excited to welcome this historic project to Madison County and we want to thank the Governor and his staff and leaders from both chambers for all of the work they have put in to bring new industry to the area,” said Blackmon.

Being a longtime resident of Canton, Blackmon said he is particularly excited to see these types of opportunities for those in the area.

“It brings a sense of pride to me as a Cantonian to know that we are going to be the host town for this company,” said Blackmon.

This article first appeared on the Magnolia Tribune and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.

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