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Student Charged in Murder of JSU Student Was 90 Miles Away, Family Says, Citing Surveillance Footage

Friends and family of the man arrested for the murder of Jackson State University student Jaylen Burns say surveillance footage proves that the suspect is innocent. Police arrested Jones College student Joshua Brown on Oct. 19, 2023, charging him with the high-profile murder of Burns. Brown has been in the Raymond County Detention Center since his arrest.

Brown’s family says GPS-tracking data and surveillance footage show he was about 90 miles away in Hattiesburg, Miss. around the time of the Oct. 15 shooting.

The Mississippi Free Press spoke to one of Brown’s friends and a family spokesman who are two of the people alleging Brown was nowhere near the scene of the shooting.

Casting Doubt Over The Investigation

Pastor Stan Buckley, who does ministry in the Mississippi Delta and Haiti, is a spokesman for Brown’s family. He accused JSU police of conducting a “botched investigation” in a Nov. 1, 2023, interview with the Mississippi Free Press. He obtained video-surveillance evidence, witness statements and data from Brown’s Life 360 GPS tracking app that he said exonerates Brown.

“This young man is innocent,” Buckley said. “It is morally wrong to imprison someone who you know is innocent.”

Buckley said he presented several pieces of evidence to JSU police on Oct. 24 that show Brown was not on JSU’s campus, or in Jackson at all, on the night Burns was killed.

“Jackson State was under enormous pressure to make an arrest. So they did the easiest thing, and they arrested the wrong guy,” Buckley alleged.

The Mississippi Free Press reached out to Jackson State University on Nov. 1 for a statement about these allegations.

“The Jackson State University Department of Public Safety investigation into the death of Mr. Jaylen Burns is ongoing. We appreciate the members of the public who have shared information pertinent to this investigation. All information and/or evidence related to this investigation is being examined,” JSU Police Chief Herman Horton answered in a statement on Nov. 1, 2023.

Alleged Timeline of Brown’s Movements on Oct. 15, 2023

Cedric Watts, a childhood friend of Brown’s, said he was with the accused

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