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The Intern Experience

Getting the chance to work at Mississippi Center for Public Policy has been a summer well-spent, to say the least.

My knowledge of the intricacies of the policies that have created our great state has grown tremendously. I have not only learned where our state could improve, but also how these policies need to be implemented, and the exact measures to take.

My knowledge of communications has had a huge learning curve as I was exposed to areas of content creation in the media, political technicalities, and advertising which were entirely new and valuable assets to carry on into my future career, whatever it entails.

I hope that more young Mississippians can get involved with the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, whether it be through the internship program or the new leadership academy which I had the privilege to get to work on these past couple of months. MCPP is well-led, well-researched, and well on track to providing our state with the right policy-based solutions. It was an incredible learning experience for me, and I know that others would be lucky to receive the same tutelage as I did through such efficient mentors.

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