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U.S. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson opens up on recent issues facing the nation

U.S. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, R-Louisiana, visited the Magnolia State on Thursday to give a speech at Jackson Preparatory School at an event hosted by the National Apostolic Christian Leadership Conference.

Ahead of his scheduled venture at the private school in Flowood, Johnson joined MidDays with Gerard Gibert to give an update on what he has been tackling as one of the highest-ranking government officials in Washington D.C.

The speaker opined on issues ranging from the pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses across the country, his vote to send additional money to Ukraine amid its war with Russia, efforts to secure the border between the U.S. and Mexico, and the nation’s budget.

Antisemitism on college campuses

As the war between Israel and terrorist group Hamas ensues in the Middle East, students at colleges across the U.S., most notably Columbia University, have held pro-Palestinian protests. Johnson on Wednesday called for the resignation of Columbia University president Minouche Shafik due to the protest which morphed into an encampment with students calling on the higher education institution to divest from companies that have ties to Israel and promise amnesty for students that have been suspended.

The house speaker asserts that the ongoing protest has been endorsed by Hamas, which is responsible for the October 7 attack on Israel that claimed roughly 1,200 lives — the worst loss of life in a single day since the Middle Eastern country’s founding in 1948.

“These kids are waving around Palestinian flags and they’re siding with the terrorists who engaged in the most unspeakable acts on October 7 when they attacked and killed innocent Israelis,” Johnson said. “They raped and murdered women and children. They put Jewish infants in ovens and cooked them alive. This stuff sounds as bad as it is, and yet we have these students who are on the side of that darkness.”

Johnson is calling for these protests to end immediately and says university officials nationwide are obligated to protect their students. He believes that Jewish students, in particular, are being mistreated by protestors and sympathizers with the Palestinian cause.

“This is

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