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Vital Journalism Work: Covering Fast-Moving Trains at The Capitol

It’s been a busy month in the Mississippi Legislature, and Kayode Crown, in his new role as a senior reporter, is just the person you want covering the fast-moving train that makes such important decisions for our state. 

I’ll take this moment to remind you that the Mississippi Ethics Commission ruled the Mississippi Legislature is not a public body in response to reporter Nick Judin’s complaint demanding access to the House GOP caucus meeting. It seems strange to me that a meeting of elected officials to decide how they will vote on public policy and create laws isn’t a public meeting, but maybe that’s above my pay grade. But I doubt it. And of course we’re appealing.

Kayode’s work is vital because he ensures that Mississippians know what the people they elected are doing to help or hurt them, depending on whom you ask. I watch Kayode’s travels in our team group chat, where he updates us on what committee meeting he’s attending or what vote he’s rushing to. I wish I had better words to use, but it’s a lot.  

Be sure to read Kayode’s story on the proposal to rescue our failing hospital system without expanding Medicaid. You all will remember that our state didn’t expand Medicaid, rejecting huge federal assistance, so it will be interesting to see if this passes and if it stops the collapse of basic health care in Mississippi. As expected, Ashton Pittman is blowing and going in his new role as news editor. However, he’s also still writing. Last week he collaborated with Kayode to cover new legislation to ban treatment for transgender minors. 

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