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Mississippi’s occupational regulation burden

Mississippi requires licenses for 66 of the 102 professions that do not require a traditional 4-year college degree. From 1993 to 2012, Mississippi added...

Prison work initiatives alone aren’t enough

The Mississippi Department of Corrections recently promoted their efforts to offer job training to people incarcerated in the state through a mobile welding program....

A guide to reproductive health care services at Mississippi universities

The U.S. Supreme Court’s expected decision to overturn Roe v. Wade this summer will impact a broad swath of Mississippians, particularly college students, who...

Remembering Officer Langley

I was a senior at Ole Miss when University of Mississippi Police Officer Robert Langley was dragged to his death while attempting to pull...

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Divided panel of federal judges refuses to rule on constitutionality of redrawn U.S. House map

A three-judge federal panel that has been overseeing the redistricting of Mississippi’s congressional seats since the early 2000s has...
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Marshall Ramsey: Shocking

The post Marshall Ramsey: Shocking appeared first on Mississippi Today.

Southern Miss baseball reaping rewards of record-breaking season

The Southeastern Conference long has cast a huge shadow over the sports world in these parts in any given...

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Empower releases video on tax reform

As the Mississippi legislature adopts the largest tax cut...