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State Auditor Seizes Hattiesburg City Records. Evidence of Bid Rigging Emerges Under Davis / Pittman Leadership of Public Works Department.

mike miller construction hattiesburg

Alleged malfeasance within the city of Hattiesburg’s Public Works Department under the leadership of Russell Davis and Tim Pittman has been well documented in the past.  Allegations of overtime schemes, maintenance of private vehicles by city workers, and even city maintenance of a private vegetable garden were all reported by this blog in the article […]

Jamie Hooker former Hattiesburg police captain and CROOKed cop, get slap on the wrist. Hooker: “My TV went out and I just wanted to watch the latest episode of World’s Dumbest Criminals.”

Jamie Hooker Hattiesburg, former Police Captain and Crook

Jamie Hooker, former Hattiesburg Police Captian and CROOK plead guilty on the 12th of August and was sentenced to only 5 years probation on August 20th. Jamie Hooker of Hattiesburg could have served 20 years and paid a $5000 fine. Approximately $3500 in evidence went missing, and Jamie Hooker allegedly stole a television, bringing disgrace […]